bulletWe will delivery products according to the zero-error principle. Our deliveries will always be made within the agreed delivery time and at agreed prices.
bulletOur employees will always have the necessary skills and will endeavour on every occasion to do things "right first time". We work according to the principle that an organization can never be stronger than its weakest link.
bulletOur customers are our most important collaboration partners. Customer demands and needs afford us the opportunity to develop our products and, in turn, enhance our customers' profitability. Satisfied customers are the best advertisement there is.
bulletWe have the same quality requirements and demands on our suppliers as we have of ourselves.
bulletOur working procedures comprise methods, techniques and forms of collaboration which result in quality products and profitability for the company.
bulletWe are committed to actively working on the continuous improvement in the quality of our products, working procedures and our relationships with our customers and suppliers.
bulletWe treat our customers, suppliers and each other with respect.
bulletOur quality systems contribute to ensuring that quality is the hallmark of all our organization.
bulletQuality is the responsibility of every individual and is prioritized by management creating the right environment for active quality improvement in the company.






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