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ELDRIVE was established as the well-known Sigma Elektrotekniske AS in 1947, and changed its name to ELDRIVE NORGE AS in 2002. Between 1987-96 the company was wholly-owned by ABB Industri AS. Over the course of the last 40 we have worked on improving the performance of electric forklift trucks. Our experience of electric vehicles has been accumulated by working with the leading vehicle manufacturers in Europe. Our focus after a name change to ELDRIVE NORGE AS was redirected from manufacturing electric forklift trucks and other vehicles to the production of charging systems for traction batteries. Chargers and rectifiers were also formerly part of ELDRIVE's development but during a turbulent period at the beginning of the '90s the main focus was on the automotive industry and operating controllers for electric vehicles. The production of electric cars by car manufacturers is presently at the experimental stage with the exception of very few who have had series production running for a few years. Eldrive has supplied components such as speed regulators for electric motors to companies such as Renault in France for use in their electric versions of the Clio and Express. We now have 15 employees who work in sales and marketing, our development depart ment, production and og service. ELDRIVE NORGE AS is located in newly-refurbished premises in Moss, approximately 60 km south of Oslo.


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